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Since 1973
Kansas' Oldest & Largest
Button Equipment Dealer & Producer

Jim Zeiner, Jr. started marketing button machines and parts in 1973 in what he thought would be a "fad" business that would last a few years. He was looking for a business that would be good in the winter time because the other business he was involved in (fishing bait and tackle) was busy in the summer but not in the winter. He thought most of the button business would be with schools.

Little did he know then that what he thought would be a fad would develop into a long term year around business adventure for him. He was one of the first Badge-A-Mint dealers in the country. Several years later, Badge-A-Minit dropped their distributor program and went to a mail order business direct to the consumer.

He didn't let that bother him, he had established distributorships for several other lines of button machines and had a source for quality parts. He continues to supply many customers he has had since the 70's in addtion to the many others that have found him since then.

Today, Buttons by River City (the ButtonStore) is once again a Badge-A-Minit distributor and supplies machines and parts to many individuals, schools, organizations and businesses all over the United States. They also make finished buttons from one to any number the customer might want. Button machine rentals are also available for those people wanting to make buttons for a special event without making the investment in a high production machine.

One major part of the business is the assembly of buttons using printing provided by the customer. Sometimes it's a small order from an individual with printing they've produced with their computer. Other times it for thousands of buttons from printers.

Whatever you need in buttons, Buttons by River City (the Button Store) is ready to serve you, regardless of what part of the country you are in.

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