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Precision steel flip dies
give production rate of 150 - 200 per hour

Flip Die Production Machine ~ Very good machine at a modest investment. The precision 2 3/8" steel dies with the heavy duty bench press do an excellent job of making buttons at a rate of 150 - 200 per hour.

Many churches and schools have been using this machine for years with no problems.

Operator flips the die between the two steps, pulls the handle twice and has high quality 2 3/8" buttons.
Machine only or
with heavy duty cutter


All metal circle cutter for 2 3/8" - $32.95
Heavy duty 2 3/8" cutter - $59.95

Used Machines ~ When available, you can purchase a machine traded in by one of our customers for a higher production machine. Price depends on condition of the machine.

Parts Prices for 2 3/8"

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